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Long Tall Sally/I Took My Baby Home1964Pye 7N 15611Cameo 308 
You Still Want Me/You Do Something To Me1964Pye 7N 15636  
You Really Got Me/It's Alright1964Pye 7N 15673Reprise 0306 
All Day and All of the Night/I Gotta Move1964Pye 7N 15714Reprise 0334 
Tired Of Waiting For You/Come On Now1965Pye 7N 15759Reprise 0347 
Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy/Who'll Be The Next In Line1965Pye 7N 15813Reprise 0366 
Set Me Free/I Need You1965Pye 7N 15854Reprise 0379 
See My Friends/Never Met A Girl Like You Before1965Pye 7N 15919Reprise 0409 
A Well Respected Man/Such A Shame1965 Reprise 0420 
Till The End Of The Day/Where Have All The Good Times Gone1965Pye 7N 15981Reprise 0454 
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion/Sittin' On My Sofa1966Pye 7N 17064Reprise 0471 
A Well Respected Man/Milk Cow Blues1966  Pye export  7N 17100
Sunny Afternoon/I'm Not Like Everybody Else1966Pye 7N 17125Reprise 0497 
Dead End Street/Big Black Smoke1966Pye 7N 17222Reprise 0540 
Mister Pleasant/This Is Where I Belong1967  Pye export  7N 17314
Mister Pleasant/Harry Rag1967 Reprise 0587 
Waterloo Sunset/Act Nice And Gentle1967Pye 7N 17321  
Death Of A Clown/Love Me Till The Sun Shines (Dave Davies)1967Pye 7N 17356Reprise 0614 
Waterloo Sunset/Two Sisters1967 Reprise 0612 
Autumn Almanac/Mister Pleasant1967Pye 7N 17400  
Susannah's Still Alive/Funny Face (Dave Davies)1967Pye 7N 17429Reprise 0660 
Autumn Almanac/David Watts1967 Reprise 0647 
Wonderboy/Polly1968Pye 7N 17468Reprise 0691 
Days/She's Got Everything1968Pye 7N 17573Reprise 0762 
Lincoln County/There Is No Life Without Love (Dave Davies)1968Pye 7N 17514  
Starstruck/Picture Book1969 Reprise 0806 
Hold My Hand/Creeping Jean (Dave Davies)1969Pye 7N 17678  
The Village Green Preservation Society/Do You Remember Walter1969 Reprise 0847 
Plastic Man/King Kong1969Pye 7N 17724  
Drivin'/Mindless Child Of Motherhood1969Pye 7N 17776  
Shangri-la/This Man He Weeps Tonight1969Pye 7N 17812  
Victoria/Mr. Churchill Says1969Pye 7N 17865  
Victoria/Brainwashed1969 Reprise 0863 
Lola/Berkeley Mews1970Pye 7N 17961  
Lola/Mindless Child Of Motherhood1970 Reprise 0930 
Apeman/Rats1970Pye 7N 45016Reprise 0979 
God's Children/The Way Love Used To Be1971Pye 7N 8001Reprise 1017 
20th Century Man/Skin and Bone1971 RCA Victor 74-0620 
Supersonic Rocket Ship/You Don't Know My Name1972RCA Victor RCA 2211RCA Victor 74-0807 
Celluloid Heroes/Hot Potatoes1972RCA Victor RCA 2299RCA Victor 74-0852 
One Of The Survivors/Scrapheap City1973 RCA Victor 74-0940 
Sitting In The Midday Sun/One Of The Survivors1973RCA Victor RCA 2387  
Sitting In The Midday Sun/Sweet Lady Genevieve1973 RCA Victor LPBO 5001 
Sweet Lady Genevieve/Sitting In My Hotel1973RCA Victor RCA 2418  
Money Talks/Here Comes Flash1974 RCA Victor APBO 0275 
Mirror Of Love/He's Evil1974RCA Victor LPBO 5042RCA Victor PB 10019 
Holiday Romance/Shepherds Of The Nation1974RCA Victor RCA 2478  
Preservation/Salvation Road1974 RCA Victor PB 10121 
Ducks On The Wall/Rush Hour Blues1975RCA Victor RCA 2546  
Starmaker/Ordinary People1975 RCA Victor PB 10251 
You Can't Stop The Music/Have Another Drink1975RCA Victor RCA 2567  
No More Looking Back/Jack The Idiot Dunce/The Hard Way1976RCA Victor RCM 1  
I'm In Disgrace/The Hard Way1976 RCA Victor PB 10551 
Sleepwalker/Full Moon1977Arista ARISTA 97Arista AS 0240 
Juke Box Music/Life Goes On1977 Arista AS 0249 
Juke Box Music/Sleepless Night1977Arista ARISTA 114  
Father Christmas/Prince Of The Punks1977Arista ARISTA 153Arista AS 0296 
A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy/Artificial Light1978Arista ARIST 189  
A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy/Live Life1978 Arista AS 0342 
Live Life/In A Foreign Land1979Arista ARIST 199  
Black Messiah/Misfits1979Arista ARIST 210  
A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy/Get Up1979 Arista AS 0342(2nd) 
Live Life/Black Messiah1979 Arista AS 0372 
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman/Low Budget1979Arista ARIST 240Arista AS 0409 
A Gallon Of Gas/Low Budget1979 Arista AS 0448 
Catch Me Now I'm Falling/Low Budget1979 Arista AS 0458 
Moving Pictures/In A Space1979Arista ARIST 300  
Pressure/National Health1979Arista ARIST 321  
Lola/Celluloid Heroes1980 Arista AS 0541 
You Really Got Me/Attitude1980 Arista AS 0577 
Better Things/Massive Reductions1981Arista ARIST 415  
Destroyer/Back To Front1981 Arista AS 0619 
Predictable/Back To Front1981Konk (Arista) ARIST 426  
Better Things/Yo-Yo1981 Arista AS 0649 
Come Dancing/Noise1982Arista ARIST 502Arista AS 1054 
Don't Forget To Dance/Young Conservatives1983 Arista AS1-9075 
Don't Forget To Dance/Bernadette1983Arista ARIST 524  
Good Day/Too Hot1984Arista ARIST 577  
Do It Again/Guilty1985Arista ARIST 617Arista AS1 0309 
Summer's Gone/Going Solo1985 Arista AS1-9334 
Rock And Roll Cities/Sleazy Town1986 MCA MCA-52960 
How Are You/Killing Time1986London LON 119  
Lost And Found/Killing Time1987London LON 132MCA MCA-53015 
How Are You/Working At The Factory1987 MCA MCA-53093 
The Road/Art Lover1988London LON 165  
Down All The Days (till 1992)/You Really Got Me1989London LON 239 (886716.7)  
How Do I Get Close/War Is Over1989 MCA MCA-53699 
How Do I Get Close/Down All The Days (Till 1992)1990London LON 250  
Only A Dream/Somebody Stole My Car1993Columbia 659922 7  

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